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Offering a complete and comprehensive range of dental implants Rockhampton based PVB Dental should be your first port of call if you have missing teeth or loose dentures!

If you have missing teeth and are looking for the same look, feel and function as natural teeth then dental implants are the perfect solution. They restore the natural appearance and function of your mouth avoiding the embarrassment and inconvenience of dentures.

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PVB Dental is now offering FREE consultations for people seeking dental implants. Contact us today for information

Do you have dentures?

Dental implants can help secure your dentures and stop the embarrassment of them slipping out. They can offer an improvement in denture retention, stability and your comfort

Placed directly into your jawbone, dental implants offer the perfect balance of strength and integrity.

Did you know?..

Dental implants are made from titanium. This medical grade material integrates perfectly into your jaw.

The Process…

Dental implants are used as the foundation for a crown, bridge or denture and can help prevent bone deterioration. The replacement of teeth can help to prevent the loss of or restore facial muscle definition. It can also elevate problems in the jaw joint due to the lack of support when biting.

Dental implants are based on artificial tooth roots made of titanium, which are implanted into the bone of the jaw using a simple and painless procedure. Over a few months, the titanium fuses with the bone and creates a secure foundation.

Once that happens, a small pillar is screwed into the titanium implant to complete the foundation. Natural-looking porcelain crowns are then fitted over the pillar, creating a strong tooth which blends in perfectly with your natural teeth in shape, size, colour and fit.

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PVB Dental offer a number of options when it comes to fitting dental implant and conduct a full pre-treatment diagnostic plan to ensure perfect fitment.

If you are missing teeth or in need of dental implants – think PVB Dental – where smiles begin… again!

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