Feeling Anxious?

Do you get a little anxious when visiting the dentist?

We are acutely aware that for some, visiting the dentist can be a traumatic experience.

At PVB Dental we have created an environment that is professional, friendly and calming to reassure patients. For anxious patients or those requiring longer or complex procedures, we offer a host of sedation and pain management options.

TV & Music

Our use of modern technology extends far beyond dental equipment! During longer sessions patients can listen to music on noise-cancelling headphones or watch TV on our ceiling-mounted flat-screen TV, allowing patients to better relax and take their mind off the procedure as it is conducted.

Inhalation Sedation – Nitrous Oxide

This is also known as “happy gas”. You breathe it in through a mask that is placed over your nose. People experience different feelings while breathing nitrous oxide. You’ll be able to understand what we are saying throughout the treatment, but the sedation should reduce your anxiety. When your treatment is finished, the sedation will wear off after a few deep breaths and the gases will leave your body in about 20 minutes

Penthrox Inhaler (Green Whistle)

The Penthrox™ inhaler is a handheld device used both to relieve pain and anxiety. The Penthrox™ has a very rapid onset of action – only 6–8 breaths are required. You can then control your own level of relief by inhaling intermittently during treatment. This relieves anxiety and allows the patient to control their own level of relief by inhaling as necessary.

Oral Medicines

We can prescribe you a medicine (e.g. Valium) to take an hour or two before your appointment, to reduce your anxiety. The pills must be taken exactly as directed and will have sedative effects.

  • You must not drink alcohol or drive whilst on the medication
  • You must be accompanied by someone to and from your appointment
  • You must not drive a vehicle, operate hazardous machinery, or conduct responsible business matters for 24 hours follow sediation.

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